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I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly getting interrupted—as a woman, as a mother, as a worker, as a wife. I’m ready to do some interrupting of my own.

Let’s face it, there are lots of narratives out there that are in dire need of interrupting. Like that mothers should be martyrs. That women are naturally inclined toward emotional labor. That men are naturally inclined toward leadership. That work should require the better half of our waking hours. That CEOs are gods.

I could go on. I will go on, in fact. Mom, Interrupted is about deconstructing the truths we hold dear, unlearning everything we’ve taught, and finding a better way forward. Also, I hope, laughing a bit along the way.

A bit about me

I believe in the power of personal stories to illuminate broader social truths. As a partner in an interracial marriage, a mother/stepmother of three multiracial children, a co-owner of a worker-owned cooperative, and a human being with my own goals and fears, I stand at the four-way intersection of motherhood, work, race, and climate change.

Oh, also, if you need credentials, I’m an award-winning author of How Things Break and a former editor at National Geographic.

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Interrupting notions of what it means to be a mother, woman, worker, and wife.


Award-winning writer and co-owner of a worker-owned cooperative. Reflecting on the world we’ve lost and the world we’ve never had. Standing at the 4-way intersection of motherhood, work, race, and climate change.